We Are a Full Service Electrical Contracting Business

Our company represents four generations of electrical contractors in California.

The Opera House on Catalina Island was completed in 1929 after two years of construction.
The Opera House on Catalina Island was completed in 1929 after two years of construction.

Auburn Electric started with four brothers who wired the Catalina Island Opera house in 1929.

William and Iona Trusty, 1929
William and Iona Trusty, 1929

In the next generation, William became an electrician during WWII, and moved to Santa Rosa.  During the Post-WWII building boom that transformed Santa Rosa from a quiet agricultural spot to a Bay Area residential and business hub, William provided the electrical connections.

William’s Son, Bob, was an “electrician to the stars” in Orange county in the 1970s and 1980s:  wiring docks, homes, and businesses in New Port Beach and Balboa Island, and volunteering his services to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Finally, Bill opened Auburn Electric 25 years ago (after working for at least 15 years under the critical eyes of his grandfather and father).

He built the company into a full service electrical contracting company, employing local workers who understand the electrical needs of today’s consumers. Whether you are building a large industrial site, or you want to install an electrical charging station for your new car, we want to be your electrician!

We have been California’s electricians

for over 100 years, and we will be your electricians

today and tomorrow.


 It is tradition that makes Auburn Electric Inc. stand apart from every other electrical contracting business in Auburn and the Sacramento area.  When you learn the basics from four generations of electricians, you can troubleshoot and correct problems that stump the other guys–AND leave a site as clean as you found it.

We pride ourselves on the traditional values that made our family successful in electrical work for over 100 years: Quality, Creativity, and Honesty.

Please give us a call today!  You won’t be disappointed!